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Updated August 2, 2021

Face Coverings Update

Governor Cooper has not renewed the mask mandate. The most recent executive order mandating face coverings (EO 215) expired at 5PM on July 30.

Chiropractic offices are no longer mandated to comply with the face covering rules outlined by the CDC, however they are strongly encouraged to consider the face covering recommendations in Executive Order 224, issued July 29, 2021.

The face covering recommendations in EO 224 read, in part:

“Federal and state health officials have issued guidance on how individuals and businesses can reduce the risk of transmission of CO VID-19 , including the Delta variant. These recommendations are available at Private businesses and organizations are strongly encouraged, at a minimum, to follow the measures in the CDHHS guidance. These measures include requiring workers to either verify that they are Fully Vaccinated or, if they are not Fully Vaccinated, to wear Face Coverings and be tested on a weekly basis. These measures also include recommending Face Coverings for Fully Vaccinated workers and Guests indoors when other people are present.

Nothing in this Executive Order is intended to prohibit or discourage private businesses and organizations from requiring Face Coverings for their workers or Guests, or to prevent such businesses and organizations from enforcing all existing rights under the law to prohibit Guests from entering without Face Coverings.”

The full executive order can be found here:

Murphy Chiropractic & Wellness, P.A. is no longer requiring face coverings for staff and patients, though we still understand and encourage mask wearing for those that are high risk.

For those that may feel uncomfortable waiting inside our office for their adjustment, we are continuing to offer a “curb side” adjustment. This means, when you arrive for your appointment, you can give us a call to let us know you are here, and we will come out to get you when it is time for your adjustment.