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Core Strengthening in Rockingham

Patient doing core excersisesThe core of your body is the location of your center of gravity. Made up of deep and superficial muscles, it’s about more than just your abdominals. It includes everything needed to stabilize, align and move the trunk of your body, hips and pelvis.

Your core is the source of all movement in your body. If your core isn’t stabilized and strong, your spine won’t be protected as it needs to be. With highly developed deep core muscles, you can better meet the demands of your daily life.

Protecting Your Back

If you want to begin a program to improve your core, the program must be appropriately designed. There are certain core training exercises that exceed the safe limits of compression put on your back. If you perform these exercises, you’re at risk of an injury to your low back, particularly your spinal discs. You should avoid these types of exercises, making it vital that your core strengthening program is designed by an expert.

Based on research completed by Stuart McGill, Ph.D., this routine stabilized your core with minimal forces placed on your low back. When you perform each exercises, be sure to follow these instructions.

Sets and reps. Perform a single set of 6-8 repetitions. Progress to a single set of 15. As you progress, add another set of 12 reps, then a third set of eight reps.

Hold times. Hold each exercise for 1-2 breaths lasting for 6-10 seconds.

Form. Perform each movement slowly to train your motor control and prevent injury.

Frequency. You can do each exercise 1-2 times each day.

Duration. You’ll need up to three months to reeducate your body’s movement patterns, particularly if your problem is chronic.

If you’re new to exercising or performing core exercises, you want to ensure that you can do so safely in a manner that is appropriate for you. Some easy tips to follow include

  • Be sure to warm up first.
  • Don’t sacrifice movement quality for quantity as it will result in injury.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position with each movement.
  • Breathe normally without holding your breath.
  • The best way to protect your back is through muscle endurance, not strength.

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